Astrology Readings

We Offer Many Different Astrology Readings that Bring Clarity to your Life!

Health & Lifestyle

We are here to Serve You in Becoming Your Best Version!

Sound Healing

Music and Sound Frequency Brings Balance & Relaxation to Your Body, Mind, and Soul!

Handcrafted Jewelry

I Create Functional Jewelry using Crystals, Stones, and Precious Metals!

Nature's RemeTEA's

Gathered with Love! Wild Heirloom Alkaline Electric Organic Herbs & Fruits

Crystal Clear Skin Serum

Created by Crystal using a variety of Organic Essential Oils. Great for Slathering your Entire Body!

Singing Bowls

Handmade in Nepal. Made from 7 different Metals, including Gold, Silver, and Copper. They Ring for Well Over a Minute!


Crystal Technology Patches that Provide an Abundance of Health Benefits.


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