MasterPeace Zeolite

MasterPeace replaces the heavy metals and toxins with nutrient dense structured marine plasma containing 96 organic-minerals in a perfect ratio. MasterPeace is infused/embedded with: Bio-Photonics, Terahertz, Magnetism and Scalar/Aether energy which provides a consistent high-consciousness field in and around the bottle, profoundly supporting your healing journey.

Lovvare Humic Minerals

Essential minerals play a vital role in maintaining optimal health and functioning of the human body. These organic elements are required in small amounts but are essential for various physiological processes.


The World's Most Powerful Antioxidant! Nano-Sized Glutathione for Superior Absorption!! Get your NutriSwish, NuemiSkin FaceSpray, and the newly introduced Hers Hormone!

OlyLife P90

Bioelectromagnetic provides the beneficial & health-enhancing electromagnetic frequencies to cells, activates cell functions, increases oxygen uptake & enhances self-healing ability to achieve optimal health. When Ordering use... Sponsor Name: Nicholas Schizzano ID#: EA658515


Thousands of years ago a body detoxing system was developed to a level of Fine Art. New technologies are making it available to the whole world.
Detox & Rise!


These Mineral Cell Salts are the Best we've Found! Absolutely needed for Overall Health.

Lourdes Holy Hydrogen

This water will rejuvenate your entire being!! This machine creates highest parts per million of hydrogen with zero contamination from metals. Made in Japan!


Crystal Technology Patches that Provide an Abundance of Health Benefits, from Pain Relief to Anti-Aging!


Revolutionary terra-hertz frequency healing! This light wand amplifies and rejuvenates by using the Earth's Frequency!

HB Naturals Fulvic Acid

Pure and Potent Fulvic Acid. contains a remarkable array of 70+ trace minerals, 70+ electrolytes, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, and flavonoids.


Offers EMF Radiation protection solutions! Guards against EMF/EMR emitting products such as phones and computers!!


 This WILL make your skin and hair GLOW!!
They use only organic revolutionary ingredients, including crystals, schussler salts, and colloidals!


Made of semi-precious and precious stones platinum, palladium, gold and silver. Mitigates EMF radiation!

Singing Bowls

Handmade in Nepal. Made from 7 different Metals, including Gold, Silver, and Copper. They Ring for Well Over a Minute!

Handcrafted Jewelry

I Create Functional Jewelry using Crystals, Stones, and Precious Metals!

Crystal Clear Skin Serum

Created by Crystal using a variety of Organic Essential Oils. Great for Slathering your Entire Body!

Nature's RemeTEA's

Gathered with Love! Wild Heirloom Alkaline Electric Organic Herbs & Fruits