Intuitive Singing & Movement Circle

Stay Tuned for Future Date

Delightful Details…
All Sound is Sacred and needs to be Expressed. It does not have to be perfect and pretty, as life is not always pretty and perfect. This is a safe space where you are supported by Mother Earth and Myself.
There is no judgment in how you sound or look. We are all perfectly imperfect.

Mother Earth will support us and Transmute all the Energy that no longer Serves us.
Leaving us with an inner Feeling of Peace and Tranquility and a Knowing that All is Good.
Letting Go is soooo needed for a more relaxed and aligned Body, Mind, and Spirit.
We will gather in Nature to create Sound and Move in anyway that you are feeling in the Moment…singing, dancing, yelling, spinning, crying, laying, laughing, grinning, then Silence, as we feel all the feels.
As we Sing and Move there will be Live Guitar as a backdrop to all our Movement & Sound,
 Flowing along with the Energy we Create.

Sound Healing

Stay Tuned for Future Date

Come Lay in the Shade of Grandmother Oak as we Create Healing Frequencies with the Singing Bowls, Native Flute, and Drum and Voice.🪶
You you feel the Grounding energy flowing from the Roots below.
This will Create in you a Refreshed Rejuvenated And Recharged energy…ready to start your Weekend!

Happening every Thursday 6:00-7:00pm
August 19th & 26th and into September until it get too chilly.

Bring a blanket or mat.

Located in Glendalough State Park. If you need a daily pass they are available at the entrance for $7, otherwise your State Park annual pass will get you in.
Those that are familiar with Glendalough, take your second right and park in the lot near Molly Stark Lake Picnic Area.
Here’s the pin drop of exact location for those that need it…
46°19’16.7″N 95°40’21.6″W

$15 + $7(park pass if needed)
Includes an hour of Peace and Tranquility💖



Reserve your space Today by clicking link of your choice below and please send a note with your payment regarding what it is for.
Thank you!
Paypal (Friends and Family)
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