As someone who was recently exposed to astrology, I am very happy that I did my first ever birth chart, astrocartography and synastry reading with Crystal and Nicholas! They work harmoniously as a team and gave my husband and I so much insight about ourselves and our relationship. Nicholas thoroughly addressed every health question, while Crystal provided thorough analysis on symbolism and relations. It was a very interactive process, and we learned so much about ourselves. Highly recommend booking a session with Nicholas and Crystal and come prepared with pen and paper to take notes, keep an open mind and ask questions to get the most out of your reading!
                                            -Mila Nikolenko

Nicholas did my birth chart and astrocartography chart. He was very intuitive, knowledgable, and taught me a lot about myself and my love partner. He was sure to explain to me thoroughly the things I did not understand. We even dug into some of my past life with the information given. I had a lot clarified for me and I feel with his help I now know which path I should take and issues i need to consider with my relationship and step I need to take to better it and my whole being. Nicholas girlfriend Crystal was also a sweetheart and sat in on the journey with us and helped to figure some things out for me. I appreciate them both. I feel as though i not only got clarity but also gained 2 new friends. I would rate Nicholas higher than a 10 and highly recommend him. Thank you so much Nicholas💗💫😊
              -Rachel March 


Nick and Crystal are very knowledgeable in Astrology!  The Holistic Healing & Relaxation Center hosted an Astrocartography Astrology class taught by them. We had a great turn out and people were very pleased leaving with the information they gained about themselves! Nick calls himself the Intuitive Medical Astrologer for a reason!! He is very spot on and Crystal (his partner) works right along side him and has a lot of knowledge to share herself! If there is a class held in your area such as Fergus Falls I highly recommend getting a ticket and attending! You will be very surprised with what he can tell you and what you can learn about yourself and/or your spouse as well!!
                  -Heather Ann 


I wish I could give more than 5 stars for my Birth chart and Astrocartography reading that I received. They were so informative and very nice. They gave me recommendations on some health issues I have and what to use. The information this service provides is invaluable to our journey on Earth and so interesting. I would highly recommend Nicholas & Crystal to anyone!
               -Jamie Nikoli 

Received an astrocartography and birth chart reading, it was very informative, and so interesting, I highly recommend it!
                   -Miranda Kilman 

I received a health reading for one of my kiddos which was extremely helpful for me to pinpoint some different mineral cell salts I was wanting to incorporate into her wellness plan. It was lovely getting feedback and working with them!
                   -Crystal Jean 

Amazing and truly interesting work! Mind blowing stuff.
                   – Simone Clarkson 

Nicholas and Crystal gave a complete reading with many details about which essential cell salts you are missing, and how and why the missing essential cell salts are important! It was extremely helpful to have so many additional resources and readings also provided for furthering your personal knowledge.
                  -Kim Haarstick

The man is on point. Helped me when I needed it the most. Let him help you. 
                 -Jeremy Rouse

Great page and information!
                   -Chris Urbin

Incredibly intuitive and in depth in reading astrology charts. I’m not normally an astrology woman it all seemed too vague to me, but with Nick & Crystal describing my personal and exact chart it was uncanny how everything lined up. Knowing this information is like a cheat code for your stay here on earth in this particular incarnation! Highly recommend their services!!💙💫
                    -Joli Rae

5 stars! Thanks Nick! Very knowledgeable.   
                   -Defiant Celt