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Medical Astrology Guide E-Book


We combined all the knowledge we have acquired regarding medical astrology into one handy guidebook. Each zodiacal sign is associated with a mineral cell salt and each degree is associated with a body part. We go into detail about this information, as well as, incorporating, foods/herbs, crystals/stones, metals, chants that will bring balance to your entire being.

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Crystal Reading

30 minutes

Every crystal/stone is associated with a certain planetary energy and they bring balance and benefit to particular areas of our physical, mental, and emotional bodies.
We look at your natal birth chart to determine which crystal’s/stones will benefit you the most.
We will send you a list of recommended crystal’s and why we chose them.

We offer Handcrafted Astrological Crystal Jewelry custom made Just for You!
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General Reading

1 hour

We go over the basics of your chart and answer any general life questions you may have.  You will leave with a feeling of a deeper understanding of why you are the way you are.  The stars have a unique way of explaining life.

Astrocartography Reading

1 hour

We put your birth chart over the map of the world and see what kind of energies you’ll experience in different parts of the world.  We’ve traveled around quite a bit and can tell from experience that this is incredibly accurate.  Many people intuitively are drawn to the place where they have harmonious astrology lines.

Medical Reading

1 hour

Here we go over different health issues you are experiencing or could potentially experience in the future.  We have so many natural health remedies.  Our “go to” are Mineral Cell Salts, which there are 12 of and they coincide with the 12 zodiacal signs.  This is ancient knowledge that is finally again coming to the forefront.

Synastry Reading

1 hour

This reading is based on two people’s charts.  It can be romantic, parent/child, boss, coworker etc.  Any type of relationship that you would like to know more about.  Many people choose this one if they are having challenges with their partner or are curious about a possible new relationship.  The other person’s birth info is needed for this reading.

Package Deal

2 hours

This includes all the ABOVE readings!
General, Astrocartography, Medical, Synastry, & Crystal Reading.

Raising the Chrism Reading

15 minutes

To raise the Chrism, the Sacred Seed, is to Ascend.
We can ALL do this by doing certain practices while the Moon is in your Sun sign.
We will give you details on how to know when the Moon is in YOUR Sun sign, what practices and protocols that will allow you to Ascend, and what your personal “Missing Cornerstone” is in reference to the mineral cell salts.

Astrology Lessons

1 hour

We’ll teach you how to read any chart you are interested in learning how to read. 

Infant/Child Reading

1 hour

This reading will help you, as the parent(s), get to know your child even deeper. 
It is beneficial to see how you can work together!

Pet Reading

1 hour

If you know the birthdate we can look at their birth chart to give you more insight on your beloved pet.

Chart Rectification

2 hours

If you don’t know your birthtime we can help you figure it out. We will need to see photos of you and your family, as well as, ask personal questions regarding past events, family, career, homelife, relationships, etc. 
Based on your answers we will then find your Rising sign, which indicates your time of birth.