Crystal Cavalier






I have been health conscious and connected to music all my life.  Once I began studying astrology, I became aware that the planetary energies in my birth-chart are centralized in the signs representing health and music.  The sign of Libra represents health. I have a four planets in Libra, including my Moon.  I also have a Virgo Rising, which is the sign that represents health routines.  My Sun is in Taurus, along with many other planetary placements in the Taurus energy. Taurus is the sign that represents music and other art forms. 

Astrology has brought me so much awareness on why I am passionate about health, music, and so much more!

I feel grateful that I had the opportunity to grow up in the country on a farm.  This upbringing has allowed me to create a connection with nature and all earthly beings from a young age.  This solid foundation and always being encouraged by my family has allowed me to nurture my gifts and now share them with you.

I earned a Degree in Music Education and Piano Performance at Minnesota State University Moorhead.  During my time there I began to realize more and more how most of the products and food that are offered to us at stores are extremely toxic.  It was at the age of 19 that I began to change my eating habits and start using products that had better ingredients.  I enjoy researching and upgrading my lifestyle to the new knowledge I acquire. 
I am constantly researching…I love to learn!

During my student teaching experience I decided that public school system was just not my path.  While I was completing my last year of college, I gave birth to my first daughter and knew that I would be homeschooling her.  Since then I have given birth, at home unassisted, to two amazing son’s.  Birth is another topic that I am very passionate about!  
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In 2016, I discovered my body does best on plant power.  I’ve gone even deeper and found that alkaline electric plants are necessary for the body to restore itself to a dis-ease free environment.  I eat about 95% alkaline electric foods and drink primarily distilled or fresh gathered spring water, depending what part of the world I am in. These lifestyle changes have allowed my body to work at it’s optimal potential, therefore, I haven’t been sick with even the common cold since 2017!!

I have teamed up with my partner, Nicholas Schizzano, to offer various types of birth-chart readings.  We also enjoy creating herbal tea mixes and discovering and experiencing new health protocols.  Jewelry making is another creative outlet for me.  We incorporate the healing properties of crystals and precious metals into our everyday life’s and love suggesting what stones you will benefit from.

Nicholas Schizzano

I have been focused on health and wellness since I was in my early teens. I remember asking my mom for certain supplements that I was interested in at the time.  I’ve always enjoyed researching and studying the best minerals and herbs to be putting in my body.

I began studying Astrology with Santos Bonacci in 2013 and since then have become very knowledgeable on how the planets effect our overall health. I find joy in helping people re-mineralize and detox and learning about each micro-nutrient’s role in the human body.  I love helping others solve their medical mysteries that have caused them suffering for so long. Seeing people transform, constantly satisfies me.

My planetary placements in Scorpio and the 6th house of health, as well as many planets landing on stars that represent astrology, have aligned me with my passion of serving others by reading astrological charts and knowing which health protocols to prescribe.

I am extremely passionate on what I choose to put in my own body, knowing that this will help me achieve the goal of living well past the “average” age, with no physical or mental ailments and in an advanced state of being.

Our Passion

Our passion is to share with you the knowledge that we have regarding alternative health remedies, astrology, music therapy, 
sound frequency healing, and so much more!!!

Our Goals

To serve Humanity for Our Highest Good and the Highest Good of All

To help those that are Ready to make Changes to their Lifestyles

To bring Healing Music to the World