Your Guide to Clarity

Crystal Cavalier

Sound Oracle, Musician, Astrologer, Jewelry Maker, Health and Lifestyle Coach

I am here to serve you!  You are why I have begun this chapter of my life.  After going through a huge transformational period, I realized I am here to help those that need guidance on their journey.  I will help you gain clarity on your life path!

Nicholas Schizzano


Astrologer, Herbalist, Musician, Health and Lifestyle Coach

I am here to help others become their best version.  I realize that the human body is capable of much more than most of us have been taught.
I am here to share my knowledge of how the stars effect our microcosm.

How May We Serve You?

We Have So Much to Offer


Astrology Readings

We Dive Deep into many different Astrological Charts helping you Discover More about You.


Health & Lifestyle Coach

We Share many different Alternative Health Remedies that will Bring your Life more Joy and Clarity.


Sound Healing

We Bring a sense of Well-Being as you
Feel the Resonance of various Instruments, including Native Flute, Drum, and Voice.